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SPA Les Bains Almaha

Undless opportunities for relaxation await you in our hidden oasis. Embark on a journey into inner harmony at the Bains d'Almaha and discover the traditional Moroccan Hammam or our authentic rituals. Relax in a 200 m² space designed to soften and delight the senses. Columns dressed in Zellige and Bejmat surround a jacuzzi, the saunas are in marble, the massage rooms and the Hammam are nestled in the hollow of alcoves draped in muslin. The traditional scrubs are with black soap, the reflexology sessions are rebalancing and the Ayurvedic massages elevate the spirit. Our spa menu offers relaxing massages as well as a range of treatments.

  • Opening at: 11:00 am

  • Closing at: 20:00 pm

  • Our Hammams
    Treatment Relaxing
    • - Relaxation in the hammam and scrub with black soap.
    Duration: 30 min
    Price: 400 MAD
    Treatment Traditional
    • - Hammam and scrub with eucalyptus soap and ghassoul wrap, Shampoo.
    Duration: 50 min
    Price: 550 MAD
    Treatment Oriental
    • - Hammam with black soap and clay wrap with rose or orange, and a hair treatment.
    Duration: 60 min
    Price: 650 MAD
    Treatment Detente
    • -Coffe and sugar scrub, Shower gel and Shampoo.
    Duration: 20 min
    Price: 280 MAD
    • -Sesam and honey scrub, Shower gel and Shampoo.
    Duration: 30 min
    Price: 300 MAD
    • -Ghassoul mask with orange blossom and honey, or with herbs and levender, is available as an Extra
    Price: 100 MAD
  • Our Massages
    Relaxing Massage
    • -Traditional Moroccan massage that reduces stress, Eliminates toxicity and tiredness,With verbena oil.
    Duration: 50 min
    Price: 550 MAD
    Tonic Massage
    • - Tonic massage strenghtens muscles,disoolves tension improves blood circulation and eliminates toxins Very beneficial in back pain Particularly appreciates by people with significant physical activity, with orange blossom oil.
    Duration: 50 min
    Price: 650 MAD
    Foot Reflexology Massage
    • -Like acupuncture and shiatsu, this therapeutic method is intended to provide general relief to a part of the human body.So you can adopt it if you are looking for an iron health
    Duration: 30 min
    Price: 450 MAD
    Pregnant Women Massage
    • -Traditional Moroccan massage that decreases stress pregnant woman with argan oil
    Duration: 50 min
    Price: 550 MAD
    Skull Massage
    Duration: 30 min
    Price: 300 MAD
    Back Massage
    Duration: 30 min
    Price: 300 MAD
  • Our Packages
    • 30 Minutes steam hammam coffe scrub,
    • 30 Minutes massage foot with traditional foot care.
    Price: 550 MAD
    • -Relaxing hammam
    • 45 Minutes back massage,
    • Skull massage,
    Price: 650 MAD
    • -Hammam traditional,
    • -50 Minutes massage of your choice with facial tratment.
    Price: 950 MAD
    Royal Almaha
    • -Hammam Oriental.
    • - 60 Minutes massage of your choice
    • -Facial treatment with hands and feet traditional care.
    Price: 1250 MAD
  • Facial Treatments
    Skin Almaha
    • -This radiance-enhancing tratment
    • rich in essential nutrients will
    • restore your skin to its original radiance.
    Duration: 60 min
    Price: 650 MAD
    Skin care
    • -Radiance tratment combining
    • fresgness, relaxation,immersion and well-being
    • Oriental beauty treatment.
    Duration: 45 min
    Price: 550 MAD
    Skin Traditional
    • -Our face treatments.
    • radiance treatment with orange blossom.
    Duration: 30 min
    Price: 350 MAD
  • Waxing Treatments
    Price: 70 MAD
    Upper Lip
    • -Includes chin
    Price: 80 MAD
    Price: 100 MAD
    1/2 Arms
    Price: 90 MAD
    Price: 180 MAD
    1/2 Legs
    Price: 120 MAD
    Price: 250 MAD
    • -Includes outside of panty line
    Price: 200 MAD
    Price: 300 MAD
    Full epilation
    • -Armpt,Arms,Legs and Brazilian
    Price: 800 MAD
    Price: 150 MAD
    Price: 250MAD
  • Hands and Feet
    Almaha manicure
    • -Nails treatment, scrubbing,nail polish
    Price: 250 MAD
    Almaha pedicure
    • -Nails treatment, scrubing, nail polish
    Price: 280 MAD
    French pose
    Price: 100 MAD

    Exploring the traditional art of tattooing using natural henna

    Henna Tatto (Hand or Foot)
    Price: 200 MAD
    Henna Tatto (2Hand or 2Foot)
    Price: 350 MAD

Description :

Experience the ultimate in luxury at Les Bains Almaha Spa, a serene Moroccan-inspired oasis. Begin with a soothing Moroeean hamman steam room. followed by a black soap body scrub and a hydrating rose water clay masque. Luxuriate with argan oil-based products and explore our boutique for Moroccan treasures. Complete your journey with a tailored massage. Leave feeling refreshed and deeply connected to Morocco’s beauty and traditions. It’s more than a spa visit: it’s a sensory journey and a celebration of self-care.”

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